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We have added some new projects and photos.  We mostly use one way doors right now, so unfortunately not many pictures of...

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See what our clients have to say about our humane wildlife removal services.

“I would highly recommend Niagara Wildlife Control.  I had an animal living in the crawl space under my vacation home.  I called Niagara Wildlife and Jay went that day to examine the situation and give me an estimate to do the work.  He started that day by installing a trap that would allow the animal to exit the crawl space but then not be able to get back in.  Once the animal was out Jay came up with a creative way to deal with a below grade vent that was providing access and also closed off another vent while maintaining the functionality required.  The price he charged was fair and definitely provided value for money.”

– Linda F., Sherkston Shores, ON

Niagara Wildlife Control, is now in the process of removing many (10) squirrels from our property, with still more to go. I called on a Sunday, and Jay came and started right away. I was also impressed by his personal manner and calmness as he handled the distressed and scared squirrels. We still have a long way to go, if they had babies early this year.”

– Carroll Whyte, Niagara Falls, ON

“My husband and I wanted to do an inspection on our chimney before the winter season started because we had been hearing noises.  We decided to search the Internet to find someone to contact to do the job for us.  We decided to call Niagara Wildlife Control.  A nice yound man came over and upon inspection seen a raccoon in our chimney.  He told us immediately and offered to help get rid of the raccoon.  In a few hours he had our chimney inspected and the raccoon taken care of.”

– Nancy, Thorold, ON

“I called NWC to deal with unwanted raccoons in my attic.  My problem was dealt with quickly and efficiently.  The employees were courteous and worked around my schedule.  The raccoons were removed and all damages were repaired.  All work done exceeded my expectations.  I will not hesitate to use their services in the future.”

-Sarah T., Fort Erie, ON

“I have used Jay from Niagara Wildlife Control for two different properties.  Although both jobs had their challenges, he really made sure the job got done – including removal of the squirrels and repairs to the properties to make sure there were no recurring problems.  I found him extremely reliable and thorough.  I would certainly recommend him!”

– Jacqueline, St. Catharines, ON

“My husband and I had what we thought were squirrels in our roof. We called a guy we found on the Internet, he entered our house, set a trap, I gave him 1/2 the money up front and we never heard from him again! We still had squirrels in our roof, or so we thought. Then someone told me about Niagara Wildlife Control. I called them and they were at our house the next day. They quickly determined that we had a raccoon problem, without entering my house! Niagara Wildlife Control is experienced, professional, and quick! That raccoon was gone the next day and we had piece of mind again. Thank you Niagara Wildlife Control.”

– Kim, Welland, ON

  • Fair Cost for Value
  • 10 Squirrels
  • Young Man
  • Exceeded Expectations
  • Reliable and Thorough
  • Experienced, Professional and Quick

Our Team

Meet our local, family run team that will handle all your wildlife removal needs.

Kenzie Franks – Wildlife Apprentice

Kenzie Franks – Wildlife Apprentice

Jenn Franks

Jenn Franks

Marketing Manager

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  • Social Media 99%
  • Love of Photos of Fluffy Animals 100%
Jay Franks

Jay Franks

Licensed Wildlife Trapper & Founder

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