Building Repairs

Vent damaged by squirrels.

1395440_756517294365558_1992185528_nBuilding repairs are often necessary due to the damage caused by urban wildlife trying to gain access to structures in order to build a new den. Repairs can include anything from damaged soffet to digging a trench and burying wire mesh under ground and everything inbetween.  Repairs are just as important as the removal of nuisance wildlife, as they prevent recurring problems.

At Niagara Wildlife Control, we do not only repair damage, but clean and disinfect all problem areas to remove odour and bacteria caused by animals. We also remove contaminated insulation from walls and attics, and replace it when necessary. Raccoons, squirrels and bats not only deficate and urinate on insulation, but also walk trails and paths in the insulation, lowering the insulating properties causing heat loss and higher bills.