Squirrel Removal

IMG_6419Squirrels are medium-sized rodents which belong to the Sciuridae family. Squirrels eat foods which are high in protein, fats and carbohydrates. They are unable to digest cellulose, often referred to as dietary fiber in the human diet. The early spring is difficult for squirrels to survive, as buried nuts are no longer available, as they begin to sprout, and new food sources are not yet available. At this time, squirrels rely on buds of trees. The squirrel’s diet consists of cones, fruits, seeds, nuts, green vegetation and nuts. Some squirrels will also consume meat, eggs, insects, small birds, snakes and small rodents.

Squirrels typically breed twice a year and give birth after three to six weeks. Their young are born naked, blind and with no teeth. Usually only the female cares for the young, which are weened at six to ten weeks old.

Squirrel usually chew holes in older structures, through walls, fascia or soffet, to gain entry into attics.

Using livetraps and one-way exclusion traps, we ensure all animals are removed from structure and relocated before repairs are completed.  Repairs often consist of aluminum, galvanized wire mesh, or wood to prevent future problems.